We developed Lola for CRM with one goal in mind - to improve the quality of data in your CRM.

Data is widely known to be a company's greatest asset, or its biggest burden!

Our aim is to help you enhance the value of your data - quickly, easily and cost effectively.

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No matter who your customers are, if you have inaccurate data about them in your CRM, it is likely to be impacting your business.

It may be preventing you from delivering a great experience for your customers and is probably incurring costs across different areas, such as marketing, support and shipping.

With Lola For CRM, you can check the accuracy of your customers' contact information at the click of a button, and scan for any potentially hoax or rude terms at the same time. A vital check for internet-sourced leads.

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What fields can Lola run checks on?

Lola can be configured to run checks on Name, Email, Mobile, Landline and Address in the app.

Why does Lola check name?

Lola has been around long enough to become an expert in spotting the rude language that people use to fill in forms. Having this kind of data in your CRM is potentially brand damaging so Lola will check for it on your behalf.

What is Lola?

Short for LolaGrove, Lola is a digital marketing data processor, designed to capture, process and deliver internet-generated enquiries to Advertisers. During the process, Lola checks each lead to ensure that it contains accurate data and conforms to the Advertiser's specification before it delivers it. LolaGrove is the data processor of choice for many global Advertisers, Agencies and Publishers due to its outstanding data quality. For more information on Lola's services, click here.

Does Lola work on data from my country?

Currently, Lola for CRM is only set to process UK data due to data processing laws and regulations. Check out our blog for updates as we launch in other territories.

Is Lola fast enough to meet my requirements?

Lola can handle XXX checks per second, per user. If you want to trial it, simply install the Lola on your CRM and test it with your 50 free credits.

How is Lola priced?

Lola for CRM is a credit-based application, with each check costing one credit. Credits can be purchased here in bundles. Bundles vary in size in order to accommodate different organisations' needs, and each come with bonus credits. You can top up at any time using this shop, and the credits will be added to your account instantly.